i-SOBOT: Robot Lands Featured Role in Television Commercial

The TOMY i-SOBOT is currently being featured in an on-going television commercial series for Maruchan, a popular instant noodle manufacturer. In addition to the robots lead role in the television commercials, 300 i-SOBOT robots will be given as the top prize in the Maruchan promotional campaign.

Although it has nothing to do with Christmas, the top prize i-SOBOT robots are sporting a unique red and green color scheme that would be absolutely perfect for the holiday season. We've included detailed instructions to access videos of the commercials below along with some screen shots.

Both the robot and its controller have a striking red and green color scheme.


The television commercial scheme centers around a Japanese pop singing group. In one of the early commercials a new member joins the group, but it turns out that he's in his 50's and doesn't seem to have the stamina and staying power to keep up with the rest of the group. But, when he runs into problems, the boys just feed him a bowl of Maruchan brand instant ramen.

In the latest commercial, the four younger members of the group get an i-SOBOT and are having a great time playing with it, and making comments about how much better the robot is compared to  their new olders group member. And, as you might expect, the older fellow just happens to walk in and discoer their secret.


To view the first three television commercials in the series, go to the official Red/Green Maruchan website


Click on the television commercial link at the bottom of that page: 


Which should bring up a page that looks like this:


Click on the links on the left hand side of that page to view the commercials: 


Have fun!

By the way, to enter the contest, you need to collect 11 bar codes from Maruchan packages per entry and submit them on a special form following the promotion instructions on the same website.


2 thoughts on “i-SOBOT: Robot Lands Featured Role in Television Commercial

  1. So we see there will be other colors available wouldn’t mind putting Holiday Isobot on top of my tree

  2. If I get one of these little guys, I expect to give him a custom paint job anyway. The red and green may not be quite what I go for, but it certainly is festive!

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