i-SOBOT: Robot-eye View From Downunder (Video)

"Officially" i-SOBOT has only been released in Japan and the US, and "officially" we'll have to wait until sometime next year for a model that includes an onboard video camera. But, devoted robot hackers have never been known for their patience nor their willingness to wait for things to become "official".And, the robot hackers in the land down-under tend to lead the hacker pack.

Somehow, no one is saying how it happened, a brand new black US version i-SOBOT has found its way down to Australia and has already been hacked to attach a video camera so that it can report back what it sees real-time (Videos below).

"kymhorsell", who apparently lives somewhere in the wonderland of kangaroos, koalas, and hacked bots, has modified his i-SOBOT with a pinhole camera attached to the robots head. His report on the AusRobotics website included two video clips of robot in action, and what the robot sees:


Very nice, and a great challenge to other i-SOBOT hackers.

What's next? We can hardly wait to find out.


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