i-SOBOT: First Book to be Published


It didn't take long at all. The first i-SOBOT book is scheduled to hit book stores here in Japan at the end of November. The book title is "Omnibot Fan Book - i-SOBOT and 80's Robot Collection". Of course, we have pre-ordered a copy and will let you know how it stacks up as soon as we receive it.


4 thoughts on “i-SOBOT: First Book to be Published

  1. I can’t wait until I get my i-Sobot this christmas. I’m really looking forward to getting this book as well. I’ll wait for you review on it though before shelling out the coin.

  2. Those 80s robots are great, too. Looks like a neat book — makes me wish (again) that I’d stuck with my Japanese studies!

  3. Hi, The compressed URL “http://z.la/fbu49″ of
    the above-mentioneds has become a dead link…

    Please access YESASIA by new URL if readers
    want this book. YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SHIMASU !!
    link to qxq.hyu.jp

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