Humanoid Robot Remote Control Using a PS2 Game Controller (Video)

'Holypong', a well known ROBO-ONE class humanoid robot builder here in Japan, posted an excellent video (see below) that demonstrates the potential of the TEC-3 interface developed by Hot Proceed.

The TEC-3 allows the use of a PS2 game controller with Kondo RCB-3 based robots like the KHR-2HV, KHR-1HV, and the Kyosho MANOI AT01 and PF01. Holypong used a combination of conditional branches in his motions and mixing of the PS2 control's analog inputs to the robots servo movements.

This results in the ability to basically 'drive' the robot around with very fine resolution and variability. You'll also notice that Holypong is an i-SOBOT fan too!

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