Gogic Series Robots Make the Major Leagues


Although SK-Pang is a small start-up robotics company, the founders have a tremendous amount of humanoid robot design and competition experience as well as native talent. So it was great to hear that their "Gogic" series of robots will be sold by EK Japan, one of the major Japanese electronic kit companies. This is equivalent to graduating from the farm leagues to the major leagues in baseball.

The business tie-up brings a lot of benefits to both parties. It will strengthen EK's product lines that are already well known for their ELEKIT offerings, and it gives them a strong, well established foot in the growing hobby robot market. From the SK-Pang side, it allows them to focus on developing exciting new products without the headaches of managing sales, support, and distribution.

It's also a big win for customers. The Gogic robot products, like Gogic Five and Gogic Racer, will have a much broader distribution and availability. EK also has plans in work to make the popular products available overseas.


One thought on “Gogic Series Robots Make the Major Leagues

  1. I’ve liked these little guys since seeing them early this year and selling them through this avenue is a near sure fire path to success great job guy’s.

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