Getting Your i-SOBOT Under Control – PC Control (Video)

Well, it didn't take very long before someone figured out how to control the i-SOBOT from their PC. We know of one successful project in the US that uses the USB-UIRT to send the proper IR signals to the robot.

Now there's a second successful project, this time by "togacat" that uses the Buffalo PC-OP-RS1 IR device, and their program is actually running under Linux (video below).

Basically what both developers have done is to capture and record the robots IR command codes, then play them back under program control from their PC applications.

There are a lot of benefits to this approach. It makes it really easy to create, edit, store programs. You can also do some things that are either difficult or impossible with the robots standard controller. For example, some of the i-SOBOTs actions appear to be random. But, it turns out that the randomness is determined in the controller, not the robot itself. So the controller sends out unique codes for each action - and you can capture and repeat them without the randomness. Very cool.

The US based project hasn't been officially disclosed yet, In the meantime, here's a very short video clip of togacat's successful project:

Who says the i-SOBOT is just a 'toy'?


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  1. So does this mean maybe a Competitor in Robogames? would make it easier for more kids and adults to compete in events

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