Dr. GIY Sets the Tone for ROBO-ONE Grand Prix in Chiba (Video)


Dr. GIY's humanoid robot creations always manage to surprise and delight the crowds and judges alike at all the ROBO-ONE events. Last Sunday's ROBO-ONE Grand Prix competition in Chiba was no exception.

His latest version of Yokosuna Great Shiranui had the honor of doing the first performance demonstration when the competition opened that morning. It was very obvious, as you can see in the video below, that Dr. GIY has spent countless hours fine tuning Shiranui and is constantly improving the robots performance and abilities. No wonder he is one of the most popular, and most well known ROBO-ONE champions.


2 thoughts on “Dr. GIY Sets the Tone for ROBO-ONE Grand Prix in Chiba (Video)

  1. Wow, that was beautiful. I studied karate for many years, and recognized some of the specific moves Dr. GIY has programmed into this robot.

    Makes me wish I hadn’t given up on doing Robo-One robots myself! :)

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