A Little Long Overdue Housekeeping

Robots Dreams started several years ago as a personal technology blog, then gradually focused more and more on robotics to the point that it totally took over the website. There was no grand plan, no overarching strategy, and absolutely no organization. Things just grew, with new modules and widgets being added whenever the mood struck us, often in a completely haphazard manner.

Unfortunately that lack of planning started to take its toll. With close to 1,600 unique posts, several hundred videos that have logged close to 3 million views, over 12,000 photos (most of the hosted on Flickr, and the vast majority of them being about robots), and large daily traffic volumes from all over the world, the websites responsiveness really started to drag.

So, we're doing a little site redesign at the moment. Don't worry - all the features and resources will remain, but some of them might appear in a slightly different place. We're moving some of the sidebar links into a new menu bar right at the top of the website. Some of the duplicate information will be rationalized a bit also. For example we had two separate 'categories' listings displaying the same information in slightly different formats. Obviously only one of them needs to survive.

Please be patient for the next few days as we roll out the changes. And, if you happen to notice anything odd about the site, or run into any error messages, please let us know as soon as possible so we can correct it promptly.


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