WR-07 Transformer Robot Close-up (Video)

Remember that fantastic transformer robot that went viral on YouTube and gadget sites about a year ago? We certainly do.

The 'transformer robot' was WR-07 designed for ROBO-ONE competitions by Nakamura-san at Himeji Soft Works. As it turns out, Nakamura is also one of the founders at the SK-Pang labs in Himeji, and was kind enough to invite us over for an exclusive demo session showing off several of their humanoid creations, including WR-07.

Since the Himeji stop on the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) was on our way back from the ROBO-ONE 12 competition in Takamatsu, we arranged to stop in at SK-Pang, get a quick tour of the local sights (Himeji Castle is probably the most beautiful and well preserved castle in Japan), enjoyed chatting about robots with Nakamura and Masumoto-san - the SK-Pang manager, and then watched in awe as they put the the robots through their paces.

We'll post about some of the other robots, including GOGIC Five, GOGIC Racer and a few others, in follow up posts, but first we want to share WR-07 with you.

  WR-07 on the left and the new GOGIC Racer mini transformer design on the right.

  The robot hadn't been prep'ed for competition or demonstration, so some of its body shells weren't installed. Never the less, it was extremely impressive. WR-07 uses the Motion Processor robot controller board designed by Nakamura (Himeji Soft Works) and OEM'ed to Kondo for use with Kondo servos and other equipment.


Nakamura likes tall, strong robot designs, and isn't afraid to spurge on servos when he thinks they will improve the robots' performance or character.


The robots wheel and steering system is rather unique and totally surprised everyone when it was first unveiled during a ROBO-ONE competition. Here's what it looks like in close-up action:

And here's the original WR-07 video clip that went viral and has logged over 3.7 million views:


3 thoughts on “WR-07 Transformer Robot Close-up (Video)

  1. I need to find more information about this robot. Are there any other sites where I can find further information?

    1. WR-07 was developed by Nakamura at Himeji Softworks in 2006/2007, for the ROBO-ONE competitions. It was never sold commercially, so there isn’t much additional information available. If you contact me via the website contact form and explain what you need, and why you want it, then I might be able to provide something.

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