ROBO-ONE: The Next Challenge Theme? (Video)


Every major ROBO-ONE competition has a special challenge theme. In the past we've seen themes like having your robot jump rope, perform useful tasks, and most recently the 'play catch' theme for ROBO-ONE 12.

Since there are less than six months left until ROBO-ONE 13 takes place in Tokyo next March, several overseas humanoid builders that plan on attending have asked what the challenge theme will be. Everyone needs considerable time to prepare, especially those that have never had the opportunity to compete before. But, like everyone else, we're anxiously awaiting some announcement from the ROBO-ONE committee.

Rather than just sit on our hands and wait patiently, we decided to throw a suggestion into the ring for consideration. And, we enlisted the help of one of our handy, and instantly recognizable, robot friends to give a little demonstration for the camera.

Golf is without a doubt the second most popular sport in Japan right after baseball. Several of the ROBO-ONE robots have put on golf related demonstrations in the past. Our all time personal favorite was a.2006 competition with Dynamizer Jr. (Kappa) putting the golf ball piloted by Sugiura Sisters.



3 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE: The Next Challenge Theme? (Video)

  1. Golf……….What about weight lifting, and best performed double knee w/heel toe running OR and Actual obstacle course having to crawl or pull itself up onto an object and over it. All I see now and have been seeing is little bipeds with there CG pushed way to far outward by the knees and pushing a box with their whole body instead of with their actual arms…….You create a challenge and they will build it better.

  2. I think golf would be a lot of fun. We’ll see some robots with simple actions like Luigi had in the video, and others who may be able to demonstrate a full golf swing like the pro’s.

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