ROBO-ONE 12: Does 'MON' Mean 'Monster"?


Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

Standing 55 cm tall, and weighing just a fraction under 5 kg, Aerobattler MON is truly a robot monster. Equipped with Futaba servos, the robot has knee extensions that force opponents to keep their distance, large grippers capable of grasping the unwary foe, and a powerful hip servo that allows it to rotate its whole upper body in a circle frequently knocking the other robot completely off its feet.

Before you ask, yes - it does conform to the ROBO-ONE regulations. Keep in mind that while the ROBO-ONE committee does want the builders to follow 'humanoid' style, the consistent ROBO-ONE theme since Day One has been 'Biped Robot Entertainment'.

And, on that score, Aerobattler MON absolutely excels. During the first day's demonstration phase, he racked up 378 points to take 10th position. Then, during the bouts in the ring, he won his first two matches before being defeated by Gadget-F, one of the 4+ kg robots from the Gadget Team. That put him into a play off against King Kizer (3.77 kg) where he did quite well, but lost in the end. Even when he loses there are lots of gasps and muffled cheers of support for him from the audience.


2 thoughts on “ROBO-ONE 12: Does 'MON' Mean 'Monster"?

  1. Hi Joe,

    Never fear. There will be some video posted as soon as I get a spare moment. My work schedule has been an absolute zoo recently, and what little free time I’ve had went into two magazine articles that had tight, and intractable, deadlines.

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