ROBO-ONE 12: Competition Check


Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

Even though the ROBO-ONE finalists had to pass the first day's check to make sure they complied with the official regulations, they undergo a second check on the morning of the second day's competition.

Nothing is left to chance, to the point that Nishimura-san, the founder of ROBO-ONE, took the time to personally perform the final inspections at Takamatsu before the robots were allowed to start the day's bouts.

They have to fix any problems or questionable items on the spot, and Nishimura has a well earned reputation for being a stickler. Thankfully, he is never arbitrary about it, and takes the time to explain the reasons behind any of his requests. Of course, the builders understand this from long, and sometimes painful, experience, and come prepared to make changes to their robots if necessary.


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