Kondo's Secret Response to the Kyosho Robo Hopper

A couple days ago we posted about Kyosho's new Robo Hopper flying robot helicopter. That immediately caught the attention of I-Wei at Crab-Fu. Not only is he a devoted steam punk robot creator, and a KHR-2HV fanatic, it turns out that he also loves flying RC helicopters. 

Here's what he wrote in response to our post:

"Kyosho robots takes to the sky eh? pffffffft old news! and I thought you were suppose to be IN on the latest in the robotics world.... I'm surprised that you didn't know about Kondo's GENEX-Heli!"

Well, we had to admit that we must have been sleeping because we hadn't heard about Kondo's new robot helicopter until we got a look at the photo that he sent us as proof.


Very cool! We're going to have to stop by Kondo RoboSpot in Akihabara this weekend and ask them and ask them when it goes on sale!


5 thoughts on “Kondo's Secret Response to the Kyosho Robo Hopper

  1. That looks like a Gas helicopter setting behind a Genex KHR

  2. That looks like a T rex 450 with a Spectrum DX7 radio. Is this really true?

  3. Nice eye Edward… yup, trex 450se v2 and dx7 :) is it really true? lol… if you can tell that is a trex, you are familiar enough with rc helis to know that there is no way the trex can carry the weight of the 2hv, or handle even a slight CG too far forward. It’s just a silly joke responding to the kyosho hopper…. sorry to burst your bubble!

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