Is Pleo A Turtle? (Video)


David Calkins, the guiding spirit behind RoboGames and an avid AIBO fan-atic, recently introduced Pleo to the September SAAG (Sacramento Area Aibo Gathering) meeting, and from the comments, and actions, on the video below, they were really impressed.

The video (see below) includes five minutes extracted from the 15 minutes or so they had to play with Pleo. As you might expect, Aibo users have a lot of experience with small AI-type animal robots, and asked a lot of interesting questions, including some that would never have occurred to us. For example, like a turtle, Pleo can't get up by himself if he ends up getting turned over. Our most important impression from the session was that people think he's incredibly cute and can't seem to keep from constantly petting it.

No more 'spoilers'. We'll let you check out the video for more insights into the worlds first infant robot dinosaur. 


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