i-SOBOT Robot Equipped with Canon (Video)


Some people think that i-SOBOT is just a toy. But, what if we told you that one Japanese i-SOBOT owner has already mounted a canon and has figured out how to shoot, and hit, opponents from clear across the room?

Sound unbelievable? Just take a look at the video clip below.

MechFun on YouTube, obviously one of the first Japanese customers to take delivery of their new i-SOBOT humanoid robot, mounted a Lego canon on the head of the robot. It appears that they used the manual arm control process to create a short program enabling the robot to reach up and trigger the canon on command. Then the challenge became aiming the canon right at the target.

One hit out of three isn't bad, especially considering the fact that MechFun has probably only had their i-SOBOT for a few days since Japan shipments started on the 25th.


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