Exclusive: First Look At RoboPhilo In Action (Video)


 As our regular readers are already aware, the new RoboPhilo humanoid robot will be unveiled at iHobby Expo 2007 this week in Chicago. It will be definitely be interesting to see how the crowds react to this innovative new product and it's very attractive price/performance.

Unfortunately, we're hard at work here in Chiba, Japan this week, and won't be able to make it to the show in person. Still, if any of you are able to attend the show, please send us some photos and a brief write-up. We'd be happy to post them on Robots Dreams with full credit to you and a link back to your website.

And, just to provide a little extra encouragement, we put together a short video of RoboPhilo in action (see below).

In September, we were lucky enough to have access to one of the final pre-production RoboPhilo robots, and definitely put it through its paces. The results of our extensive testing will appear in a multiple page review in the Winter 2007 issue of Robot Magazine. Still, without spoiling the 'story', we can tell you that we were very impressed and already have several projects underway  to do things like adding gyros for improved stability, expanding the motion editor functionality, etc.

Our evaluation unit didn't have the sexy markings shown in the product catalog, but otherwise it was identical to the robots that will make their first US appearance at iHobby Expo on Thursday.


4 thoughts on “Exclusive: First Look At RoboPhilo In Action (Video)

  1. I will be at iHobby 2007, so I should be able to send you videos and pictures.

    I’m bringing robots for Lego Sumo, and Line Following at the Fall Chibotica too.


  2. Looks a little slow and wobbly compared to most bots we see here, but then, perhaps that’s to be expected for a sub-$500 bot. Thanks for sharing this video!

  3. Hi Joe,

    This was a pre-production unit back in September running the early motion routines. I’m sure they’ve tuned it up quite a bit by now. Some of the robots go really fast (like Futaba) but don’t have a true ‘walk’ and fall down frequently. RoboPhilo’s approach seems to be to get the basic walking right first, then increase the speed.

  4. They lent one to Trossen Robotics to demo here at iHobby. Naturally it gave us a good chance to mess around w/ him a little bit. They’re actually pretty neat…. especially after you consider the cost. I like the fact that they use lower torque servos where power is not necessarily a big issue, and the standard torque servos on the more load-bearing joints. Both the waist rotation and the independent leg rotation functions have linkages coming off the servo horns which move the individual assemblies. A definite “gotta’ see”.

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