Zeno Website Goes Live – Sort Of…


Zenos' World, the official website for the new Zeno hybrid robot from Hanson Robotics has gone live. At this point (22:00 JST on Sep 8th)  the home page is up and running, though most of the links and special content is non-functional. Many of the images and columns overlap, which is unfortunate since it hides some important information - like the 'News Flash' that's hidden by Zeno himself-

"Zeno is going to Los Angeles for Wired Magazine’s NextFest and he’s sure to be the hit of the show! Come see him in action September 13 through 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. He’ll be looking for you!"

We're sure they'll work out the website bugs fairly quickly. Hopefully they can sort out Zenos bugs as well when the time comes. At the moment he looks more like a robot assembled out of Hanson and Takahashi's spare parts bins. The doll like head must be much more impressive when you see it in person, but the body, especially the hands and legs, are not what we have come to expect from Takahashi's studio. Here's hoping it improves a lot with age.

They are currently predicting that Zeno will hit store shelves sometime in 2009. That might be pretty aggressive given the fact that Takahashi's original MANOI design, now renamed the PF01, took close to two years to come to market even after its 18 month design cycle was finished, and UGOBE's PLEO robotic dinosaur is following the same path.


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