The Pitter Patter of Little Robot Feet (ROBO-ONE 12)

  Left to right: Maeda-san and Dr. GIY discussing how much OmniZero has grown...

Yes, that's really OmniZero in the photo above. You won't believe how he, and several other well known ROBO-ONE robots have grown up. It's not just that they are larger (they are), or that they weigh more (they do), we're also seeing a tremendous jump in their ability, especially at tasks requiring grasping and manipulating items. We have lots, and lots of examples, photos, and videos to share with our regular readers. We took close to 550 photos today, along with lots of video, so it's going to take a while to sort through and edit, so please be patient.

It's just after midnight here in Takamatsu - time to catch some sleep so that we can be bright and alert for all of tomorrow's matches. We're going to try, but someone in the room next to us keeps making this clomp, clomp, clomp, clomp noise. At first we thought it was a family with a small child. But, it's kept up for the past three hours,. It took us the longest time before we realized that our next door neighbor must be one of the ROBO-ONE builders that was fortunate enough to make it into the final 32 that will fight tomorrow. So, we're just going to ignore the noise, and hope that all their practice pays off when they enter the ring.


One thought on “The Pitter Patter of Little Robot Feet (ROBO-ONE 12)

  1. Wow! OmniZero sure has changed! I saw the designs on Maeda-san’s website earlier. I like the new OmniZero.

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