ROBO-ONE 12: King Kizer Hits A Home Run! (Video)

The special challenge theme to inspire builders to do their best for ROBO-ONE 12 was to "Play Catch". The actual definition of what that meant was left open and pretty much up to the builders ability, spirit, and imaginations. Maru Family, creators of King Kizer, decided not only to accept the challenge, they took it to the extreme, as you can see from the video below. 


Nao Maru, and everyone  in the Maru Family, are very competitive and active athletes. They run, play soccer, and enjoy other sports. But whatever they attempt, they always "play to win."

For ROBO-ONE 12, they took the 'play catch' challenge to heart, then expanded it to the point that after watching King Kizer's performance we are firmly convinced that robot baseball competitions will become just as popular as robot soccer already is here in Japan.

This was the first day of ROBO-ONE 12, and all the scenes above took place during King Kizer's two minute autonomous judged demonstration. He managed to ace out Maeda-san's OmniZero champion robot by 5 points. Maeda-san is standing to the right holding OmniZero in the photo above. Both of them went on to compete in Sunday's bouts as well.


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