ROBO-ONE 12 About To Kick Off

ROBO-ONE 12 kicks off bright and early on Saturday morning in Takamatsu on the island of Shikoku, and of course we'll be there with bells on. We've arranged to take Friday off from work to make the 5 hour train trip down to the venue to make sure we don't miss a second of the action on Saturday and Sunday. From what we've seen circulating on the Japanese builder's blogs, this competition is sure to top all of the previous 11 and then some.

When registration for the competition closed, there were 112 official entries, including some from overseas. Of course some of the entrants will drop out before Saturday morning, and some others won't make it through the initial pre-screening. Still, if this event comes together like its predecessors, there should be between 75 to 90 competitors during the first day's 'Demonstration' competitions.

The ROBO-ONE committee has been actively encouraging builders to design larger, heavier robots to build up a heavyweight classification. This time around there do seem to be a few more heavyweight robots that have entered, including several from Korea (watch for the Gadget team), and even long time crowd favorites like OmniZero and Dynamizer seem to have put on a little bulk. OmniZero is listed in the official database at 60 cm and 4 kg, while Dynamizer shows up at 50 cm tall and tipping the scales at 5 kg! Also, there are several entries with no height and weight listed, so there may be a few last minute surprises. Here's how the height versus weight distribution stacks up:


One of the key theme challenges that should prove to be extremely interesting is to have your robot actually play catch!

It's definitely going to be fun, and we'll be reporting it here on Robots Dreams, of course! 


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