Pleo Release Date Pushed Back Due to Battery Issues


UGOBE announced a few minutes ago that shipments of the long awaited Pleo robotic  dinosaur have been pushed back due to a change in their battery strategy. Originally the robot was to carry a single battery pack on board, and would go to its 'food bowl' to recharge when necessary. Now, because of problems that were uncovered during the "pre-production testing", UGOBE is switching gears to implement multiple rechargable battery packs - presumably that the owner/parent will have to change manually. Here's an excerpt from their email:

"During pre-production testing, the UGOBE? team encountered some significant problems with Pleo's battery life. We solved these problems in a way that I think you will appreciate: all Pleos, including First Hatch Pleos, are now designed to have an easily removable battery and an external charger for the battery. That means that with multiple batteries and chargers, you can keep Pleo going for hours on end. However, implementing this design change will delay production. We are working hard to make sure everyone who has ordered a Pleo will receive one by the holidays."


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