New Kyosho MANOI 32PORT Sensor Board About To Go On Sale

A few days ago, Kondo added references to their website covering the latest firmware upgrade for the popular RCB-3 robot control so that it could be used with a Kyosho MANOI "32PORT" sensor board. The whole thing was a little mysterious because even Kyosho hadn't officially announced the new board yet.

Now Tsukumo Robot Kingdom has added the 32PORT board (HRP100) to their web offerings with projected availability date of September 15th. Unfortunately, although they do show a photo of the board, there is very little other information available at this time. Tsukumo's listed price of the module is 21,000 yen, which is a little too pricey for our limited wallet, but its always nice to dream .


One thought on “New Kyosho MANOI 32PORT Sensor Board About To Go On Sale

  1. In fact, it will cost you a bit more since you also need to upgrade the RCB3 (if you plan to use it with an RCB3 obviously). You will have to pay 1500 yen to upgrade the firmware (and you will need to send it by mail etc..)


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