Incredibly Cool Robot Gift Idea


This started off as one of those 'small world' stories, and then quickly took on world-wide dimensions. We happened to be surfing the Trossen Robotics blog looking for some information on a new product we were interested in, and totally by chance happened to notice a really cool drawing of a drive-in restaurant waitress - like the heartthrobs that used to bring our orders to the car at the local A&W root beer place. Only this particular waitress was obviously a robot!

It turns out that one of the Trossen crew noticed some really cool robot drawings over on the Suicide Bots website, loved them, and commissioned the artist to create the robot waitress for the Trossen website. The artistic genius behind all of this is a fellow by the name of Ben Rollman who runs the Robot Portraits website.

Currently he's doing specially created, robot themed, drawings via his website. You just give Ben a rough idea, or concept, perhaps email him a photo or link to a photo, then turn him loose to work his magic. Of course, we had to order a drawing - two actually - as you can see below. 

Matt Bauer and his Rook's Pawn robot have a very unique style, and embody a lot of what we love about robotics as a hobby and sport. They're open, friendly, always willing to help or offer advice, and always have a great attitude. They really devote a lot of time and effort to getting new people of all ages hooked on robotics.

So, we asked Ben to capture Matt and Rooks in one of his drawings. The result was right on target-


Of course, then we had to have another drawing done featuring the Robots Dreams mascot robot that appears at the top of every page-


And, the whole time Ben is creating his artwork he as his video camera capturing the whole process for posterity. The original drawings are shipped off to the person that commissioned them, a digital copy goes up on Flickr for the world to see and enjoy, and Ben also posts the video footage on YouTube.

What does all of this set you back? Only $10! Well, about $11.50 by the time you add in the shipping for the drawing.

What a fantastic Christmas present something like this would make for the robot geek in your life. Needless to say, Ben will have to raise prices at some point, and he may get overwhelmed with rush orders.  So, a word to the wise:  check out his website and his art works as quick as possible.


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