Blaser Tag: Robot Laser Tag Game System (Video)

Our friends at HotProceed have been busy creating lots of new accessories for Kondo RCB-3 based robots like the KHR-1HV, KHR-2HV and Manoi AT01. First they introduced the TEC-1, an interface board that makes it possible to control your robot using a PS2 gamepad. Then they topped that with the TEC-3, adding analog joystick control.

But, what they showed us during a break in the ROBO-ONE 12 action in Takamatsu last weekend was totally over the top. They've created a super robot laser tag game system, named "Blaser" that's an absolute blast to play.

They've mounted a small laser on the right arm of a KHR-1HV robot equipped with their TEC-3 board. You can move the laser up, down, and side to side using the analog joystick control. Since it's a master/slave system, the pointing control is very smooth and precise.


Each robot has sensors mounted on its chest. If your robot is hit, that automatically triggers a preprogrammed routine for it to fall down. After a few seconds, your robot can get up and resume play. However, if you're hit more than three to five times, your robot thinks it's dead and you have probably lost the competition.

The Blaser system supports up to 16 players at a time, usually divided into two teams with 8 robots each.


The robot mounted lasers make it possible to play the game at vast distances.

These particular photos, and the video below, were all taken in a hallway while we were waiting for the ROBO-ONE reception to kick off.

The projected release schedule for Japan is November, 2007, and of course they are very interested in introducing it to major markets overseas as well.

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