A Little Different View of the Speecys Internet Robot (Video)

One of the big problems we consistently face as technologists is in recognizing and understanding new advances. We, like most human beings on the planet, automatically seem to classify new objects and experiences into our existing categories. We look at something new, and quickly decide that it is 'just like x...', then we put that label on it, and we quit trying to really understand it for what it really is, or might become.


A recent example of this is the SPC-101C 'internet robot' introduction held just a couple weeks ago here in Tokyo. Many reporters saw the SPC-101C as just another humanoid robot - not much different from dozens they are already familiar with. Other reporters were impressed by the vision/face recognition abilities of the robot, and quickly, within just a few hours, popular technology sites were trumpeting the news that Speecys had just introduced a "face-recognizing" robot.

Of course both of those views of the robot are true, but in many ways they are like peeking into a room via the keyhole. They only tell a small part of the total story. We'd like to expand those limited views to include much more of what the robot is capable of, and the promise for the future that it represents.

Since 'a picture is worth a thousand words' we're going to stop talking and typing, and just show you a little bit of the exclusive video footage we took at the Speecys labs in Tokyo last weekend-

Pretty darn cool!

We'll be covering more of this amazing new robot concept, in photos, videos, and text, over the next couple of weeks.


8 thoughts on “A Little Different View of the Speecys Internet Robot (Video)

  1. That is a great video – the LEDs, combined with the speakers and the great range of motion really provide a wide range of ability to express emotion and communication. One thing to note is the power cord plugged-in so imagine the fantastic opportunities to expand on existing internet communication. Having the SPC-101C plugged in and hanging out on the desk, you get an new e-mail message or receive an IM the SPC-101C could through motion, speech and the LEDs inform you of a new message – then using the speech recognition you could ask him who it is from and if your interested have him read it to you. Imagine the great applications you can develop with the SPC-101C

  2. I completely agree. I very recently wrote about SPC-101C. I also made a similar observation about Spykee, the kid-targeted toy from Erector (Meccano). It seems that it’s hard for the average consumer to understand the difference between just-another-toy to a robot that has ground-breaking potential.

    The only issue I see with SPC-101C is his price tag. He’s about $3,000. Spykee, albeit a much less animated robot, is only $300. They’re in different classes, of course, but each has its plusses.

    I can see many businesses emerging from these robot platforms.

    –Ray Renteria

  3. This is a pretty cool robot. I think that for me its a clown trying to get out of its robot suit. Seriously, look at the size of the feet. I can’t stop picturing clown feet so this video really brings it home for me.

    Thanks Lem!

  4. This one had both my wife and I laughing this morning. Humanoids seem to have taken another step forward.


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