Weird-72 Creator Kazuhisa Terasaki Talks About His Robot Creations (Video)

Long term readers of Robots Dreams may recall Weird-7, a wooden robot designed by Kazuhisa Terasaki. The robot was able to achieve surprising performance given the fact that it used really cheap servos and a controller board. One of Terasaki's favorite tricks is to have Weird-7 laying down, literally as flat as a board, and then have it pop up and come to life.

Weird-7 turned out to be quite popular in Japan, and eventually Terasaki was talked into marketing the product as a kit. The Weird-7 kit sells for just under 30,000 yen (roughly $260 US), and can still be found at Tsukumo Robot Kingdom in Akihabara as well as quite a few other robot retailers.

But, Terasaki wasn't satisfied, so he went on to create Weird-72, a bigger, better, more humanoid robot version of Weird-7 - only this time his robot could actually jump rope. We caught up with Terasaki, and Weird-72,  in Mountain View, California during our trip to the Anybots facility in June. 

To put Weird-72 in perspective, the robot is only 234 mm tall, and weighs less than 500 grams. The servos are all Futaba model S3003 types, and all the frame members and body are made from wood. It's 'jump' moves actually clear 2 cm - more than enough for a miniature session of jump rope.


4 thoughts on “Weird-72 Creator Kazuhisa Terasaki Talks About His Robot Creations (Video)

  1. I’m doing a robotics class, and I’d love to make these. I wonder how he programmed it?

  2. Nano,
    He has competed at both ROBO-ONE and RoboGames in the past. We took the video at the Anybots labs in Mountain View this June (2007) right after RoboGames.

  3. 1UpCheatachu-
    There’s some information on the Weird-7 website that also includes the background on Weird-72. He lives and works in Mountain View, and as you can tell from the video English is not a problem. So, if you contacted him via his website he might be willing to share more information about the programming with you.

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