Robots in the News: Sunday – August 5, 2007 (Video links)

A CBC Canada video story covers the medical use of robots for prostate surgery, and quotes statistics that show this is one area where the US is way ahead in acceptance and implementation of the technology.

A robot in Turkey hits the campaign trail, and looks surprisingly like a giant version of the RS Media toy robot from WowWee. We could do the same thing in the US and Japan, but our politicians already come equipped with robotic personalities.

CNN gives the background on VECNA's BEAR battlefield rescue robot, including some views 'behind the scenes'. It's refreshing to see resources being applied to the rescue side of battle when so many companies seem to be developing robotic killing machines.

Sinai Hospital in Baltimore is using a remote presence robot platform to make doctors rounds much more effective. Although they don't mention the cost in the video, we were very surprised at how much technology is packed into the system, and how well it seems to be accepted.


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