RoboGames 2007: Event Report Featured on the Robot Magazine Website


It took us a while to 'recover' from our whirlwind trip to RoboGames 2007 in San Francisco this June. Our brain was just totally overwhelmed by all the robots we saw, all the new contacts and friends we met, and the surprising new competitions we experienced for the first time. But, eventually all those new experiences, memories, and inspirations started to calm down a bit, and began to fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

To make sure that it would all be captured in a shareable form, we spent a couple days writing it all down (well - typing on our laptop actually), and then submitted the article along with several of the photos taken by the Robots Dreams team (Jason, Don, and Lem) to Robot Magazine. We're happy to report that our "RoboGames 2007 - Impossible to Imagine, Impossible to Forget!" article was accepted and is now featured on the Robot Magazine website.


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