New Application For Kondo Robots Released

We mentioned in a previous post a few days ago that we've been working on some interesting software applications for Kondo based robots like the KHR-2HV and Kyosho MANOI AT01. Well, the first application has finished its qualification testing, at least in our labs, so we're going to go ahead and officially release it today for downloads.


The application, "RCB3 Button Box" is a simple, and hopefully easy to use, Windows program that triggers motions and scenarios in the robots RCB-3 controller. It also provides error reporting and other important information including the robots battery voltage.


The heart of the RCB3BB application is the RCB3 API developed by Laurent Lessieux based on the Kondo controller's published command structure specification.



The RCB-3 Button Box application is a simple control app that features the ability to trigger motions and scenarios stored in the Kondo RCB-3 controller, and reports errors and status information.

It can read and display the controller's motion and scenario data including the assigned locations, size, assigned remote control code, and label. The button label display can be switched between numeric and the actual names with a single click.


You can download a short Flash file that demonstrates all the RCB3BB features here-

Download rcb3bbdemo.swf


The current RCB3BB version is v. released on August 21, 2007

Controller Compatibility:

RCB3BB is compliant with the RCB-3 command format specification published by Kondo Robotics, and can be used with the RCB-3J and all currently available versions of the RCB-3 firmware.

Robot Compatibility:

    • Kondo - KHR-2HV, KHR-1HV
    • Kyosho - MANOI AT01, PF01
    • Custom designs using the RCB-3

System Requirements:

RCB3BB was developed and tested using Windows XP SP2. It may run under other Windows versions. If you successfully test it running in a different configuration, please let us know so that we can update this page.

RCB3BB requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework, which can be downloaded for free here.


RCB3BB is Freeware and is distributed free of charge with no explict or implied warranty. Use it at your own risk.

Source Code:

RCB3BB source code is not distributed, and all rights are reserved by the creator.


Requests for support will be handled on a best effort basis as time and resources permit. Questions, trouble reports, and suggestions should be submitted as comments to this page (see below) along with as much detailed information (error messages, operating system, RCB3 type, etc) as possible.


The RCB3BB distribution consists of three files:

  • RCB3BB.EXE - application
  • RCB3_Interface.DLL - DLL file implements the RCB3 API
  • RCB3INI.INI - Initialization file containing the COM: port number and other configuration data


Download (ZIP file format)


Unzip the distribution archive and place the files in the same directory.


2 thoughts on “New Application For Kondo Robots Released

  1. It is so refreshing to work with a clean and simple interface for kondo. It’s easy to install and setup, not to mention free & in english! can’t ask for more than that :) It allows you to visually see what motions you have, and easily play them without having to remember which button/number goes with which motion. Just an excellent application!

  2. Congratulations Lem.

    You are the first to post an application based on my RCB3 Interface.
    I know that other people have been using it but it’s nice to see someone using it to develop applications that benefit all of us.
    Keep up the good job :)

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