Kondo Set To Release New Robot Accessory


Kondo, the creator of the KHR-series humanoid robots, technology partner with Kyosho for the MANOI series, and the supplier of key servo and controller components to many of the top ROBO-ONE competitors, will be introducing a new accessory in September.

Their new robot stand looks perfect for setting up, adjusting trim, and even displaying any of the KHR-series robots. According to Kondo, the stand can be used for the original KHR-1, newer KHR-2HV and KHR-1HV robots, and the MANOI AT01. It even works with the Kondo GENEX robot suit installed. And, the stand and robot easily fit into the official Kondo robot carrying case. (see photos below).


The new robot stand will probably be a big help when users are trying to adjust the robots home position and trim, and should prevent accidental damage or pinched fingers when a move suddenly positions the servos unexpectedly.


We can't say that the new robot carrying case is 'stylish' - but it has proven to be very practical - even more so now that the stand also fits in the case along with your robot to support it while traveling to competitions.


One thought on “Kondo Set To Release New Robot Accessory

  1. Definately need this! I hope Robosavvy will carry it.

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