i-SOBOT Goes Western (Video)


Remember those classic Western movies where the good guys always wore white, and the bad guys wore black (except for Paladin)? There was always a tension filled showdown in the middle of the town street. Two gunmen, facing each other, knowing that only one of them would survive to walk away.

Apparently i-SOBOT remembers those movies with some fondness, just like you and I do. He's even gone far enough to memorize the script lines, and act out all the right moves. He won't put Clint Eastwood out of work anytime soon, but he does do a pretty awesome set of imitations for a tiny robot.

By the way, all the sounds and sound effects are coming directly from the i-SOBOT robot.

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2 thoughts on “i-SOBOT Goes Western (Video)

  1. The good, not so bad, nor very ugly …i-SOBOT. Very cute demo! And, great article in Robot Magazine by the way :-)

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