Homer-Sapien Robot Totally Out of Control (Video)


Shiny Shiny out of the UK is one of our favorite YouTube feeds, half because of the great gadgets and stuff they review, and half because of the really entertaining hosts, like Susi and Zara. Usually they manage to show off the product they're reviewing pretty successfully, though every once in a great while, things can unexpectedly go wrong.

And, when they go wrong, as they did during Zara's Homersapien robot review video below, they go really, really wrong. Nevertheless, Shiny Shiny shows you that too - which we have to totally respect them for. 

We have to say that Zara's review is pretty close to our experience with the original Robosapien robot. It was very hard to get used to the multi-function control and get the robot to behave consistently. We could do it, after a lot of practice, but other family members never did have the patience to master the complex control.

Eventually we put together a Windows based software application to control it, and also highly recommend Robert Oschler's RoboDance software. He even managed to add voice recognition/command capability, and the ability to control WowWee robots using the Wii controller, which is far beyond our meager attempts.


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