Eurobot Robotics Contest – The View from the Inside (Video)


It's a small world, and getting smaller all the time, especially with the internet making it possible to contact and develop relationships based on common interests, even when the people involved literally live on opposite sides of the globe.

So we weren't surprised to receive an email request late last month from 'Raul' in Spain asking for more information on some of the Japan robot competitions shown on our Robot Events Calendar. Raul is a devoted robot fan, and builder, and as it turns out, he will be visiting Japan for the next couple weeks.

After a little discussion, Raul decided to attend this month's Robo-Gong competition in Osaka. We were happy to assist him, and even happier when Raul was kind enough to submit the article below covering the Eurobot competitions held in Europe, along with his team's experiences with the event.

Eurobot - Special report by Raul Galbany - Ack Storm Team

Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest open to teams of young people, organized either in student projects or in independent clubs. Eurobot competition is in Europe, but all the countries in the world can participate. Only 3 teams per country can play in Eurobot, so the countries that have more than 3 teams, have to do a national qualification to select the 3 best teams.

In the 2007 Eurobot edition, which was in France, the robots must collect and classify waste: bottles, cans and batteries. Only one robot per team is allowed during the match. Each match last 90 seconds and two teams fight for the win. The team who score more point classifying waste win. You can find all the information of that competition here:



The Ack-Storm Team is a students team from Barcelona (Spain) that achieved to qualify for the final in the second position in the Spanish national qualification in Madrid. The robot has a cam to view the objects and a 5 servos arm to catch them.

    AckStorm Team - Eurobot2007 Madrid

The AckBot1 (robot of Ack-Storm Team) won the "Best Concept" price because of its originality and simple design. The robot weights 4Kg and is made of aluminum. It has two small DC-motors to move for the playing area and all the parts are controlled by a Pic18F4680 microcontroller.

  The ACK Storm Team's robot 


The French team RCVA won the Eurobot'07 competition. In the next video you can see the winner (black robot) playing a match. 

You can find the 2008 edition rules in the Eurobot website: Most part of the teams have already started to search sponsors to be able to build a new robot for the next year edition.


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