Dancing Penguin Robot Shows Some Cool Moves (Video)

Humanoido, one of our online robot friends and fellow fanatics, wrote in to tell us about the software he developed to convert the 4" tall,  two servo (yes - just two servos) biped Penguin robot from Parallax into an amazing dancing dervish-  

"Penguin is a tiny new robot, which is a greatly scaled down version of the Parallax Toddler robot. You may think there's not a lot of things you can do with just two servo motors. Face it, even getting a biped to walk smooth is a real challenge But for the past 3 months I've been in the lab writing software. This has led to some very interesting things, like dancing and skating. Some of the dance moves are rather fantastic, wouldn't you say?

Penguin goes beyond his two servo motors. The code has virtual motors. These exist only in software. But they give the robot capability to move in new ways. Let me know what you think of this dancing. It's modeled after little Mumbles Penguin on the Happy Feet movie."

So, take a look at the Penguin in action below, then tell us, and Humanoido, whether Michael Jackson, or Mumbles, has anything to worry about.


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