All's Well in Robot Land

A couple of readers have written in wondering if we are okay since the post frequency has dropped over the past couple days.

Yes, we're okay. It's the 'Obon' holiday season here in Japan, and most companies close for a few days to a week. We've been enjoying the free outdoor sauna provided by nature - the temperature's been over 34 degrees C (93 degrees F) with humidity running close to 100%. And we've been using the holiday to make some long overdue progress with our two robots - Gulliver and Mondai-Noid.

You'll see some of the results posted here on Robots Dreams in the next day or two, starting with a new Tempusmaster RCB3 application we're finishing up:


And, we're finalizing the edits on a great product review submitted by I-Wei at CrabFu covering the new Kondo KHR-2HV  body armor in great detail:


Stay tuned - you're going to really like it.


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