Robot Name That Tune! (Video)

Here's a quick game of Robot Name That Tune. Watch the video below, then try to guess what famous robot theme song is being played. Extra bonus points if you can identify the train line (easy) and more bonus points if you identify the train station on that line.

Have fun!

Of course all train stations play some sort of music to signal the arrival and departure of trains. Quite often it has some connection to the station location or history. A good example is Maihama, the station closest to Tokyo Disneyland, that plays Zippity Do Dah.

Post your guess as a comment below. We're not sure what prizes we can provide for the first correct answer, but as a minimum we'll give you bragging rights along with a mention of you and your robot here on Robots Dreams.


3 thoughts on “Robot Name That Tune! (Video)

  1. Astroboy
    Yamanote Line
    Takadanobaba station

    Thank you Lem for a nice photo of my robot
    at the start line of Dash 2000.

  2. What a great question!

    Is it the Astro Boy theme?

    The green train makes me think it’s on the Yamanote Line … Is it the Akihabara stop?

    They’re all guesses, I’m afraid. Given the Astro Boy museum in Kyoto, I’d almost want to say it was at Kyoto station, but … I’m sticking with Yamanote.

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