Robot Club Starting in Kansas City

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We had the great opportunity to meet a lot of our online friends in person at RoboGames in San Francisco last month, and all of us had an absolutely wonderful time. But, once a year just isn't going to cut it if we ever expect to spread the word about this great hobby/sport. We need to get out there and let other people know what it's all about - to lead by example.

Matt Bauer (Rook's Pawn) took the initative last week by showing off his humanoid robots in the local movie theater lobby for the opening of the Transformers movie.

Now Mike Overstreet, who flew out to RoboGames from Kansas City, writes:

"I am trying to start up a robot club in the KC, MO area. I set up the first meeting for July the 21 at 4:00. I hope that all the interested in the transformer movie will help me."

Although Mike is a Robonova builder, we're sure he would like to have anyone, and everyone, that's interested in robotics in the area participate in the new club - contact Mike for more information.


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