RoboGames 2007 – The Red Barron in a Robot Dog-Fight!

The combat robot builders devote endless hours and considerable budgets to their battling creations. Some of them do it to win. Others do it to show off. Some do it for the opportunity to share time and a sense of community with other builders that have the same passion. And some appear to do it for the pure pleasure and fun.

Imagine Snoopy, dressed in his Red Barron costume, zooming around the combat ring on his bright red doghouse airplane, dog fighting with a really aggressive opponent. What would happen? Would he shoot down his opponent, or would the Red Barron crash and burn, going down in flames?

The results, on this particular day at Fort Mason in San Francisco, were very predictable. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time, and hopes that the Red Barron lives to fight another day...


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