ROBO Virus Spreads in the UK

We don't want to give the false impression that our favorite humanoid robot hobby/sport is only being enjoyed in Japan or at RoboGames in the US. Far from it. People all over the world are involved, and although their numbers are still relatively small, they are growing rapidly.

For example, several builders in the UK, who met each other via the RoboSavvy forums, took the initiative to organize a ROBO-ONE type competition. They contacted the TIC micromouse organization, and arranged to share a part of their event space, promoted the gathering via RoboSavvy, pulled together some prizes for the winners, and made it all happen. It's a great example of what can be done if people that care get involved and take ownership.

Their robots, by the way, represented all of the popular, well-known kits including Robonova (Hitec), KHR (Kondo), MANOI (Kyosho), and Bioloid (Robotis). The background information and event photos can be viewed on the UK ROBO thread. We're sure that they would be happy to share their experience and learning with others that want to organize a similar event.


2 thoughts on “ROBO Virus Spreads in the UK

  1. Yeah, don’t mess with the UK! Even though we are a down trodden, over taxed, over nannied and the most CCTV’d people, we can still overcome these issues and join in with more enlightened communitys.

  2. Lol when they said Robot Virus spreads I thought some evil roboticist created a robotic virus that could spread among humans.

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