ROBO-ONE 12 in Takamatsu Coming Up Soon!


Matsuda-san wrote yesterday to remind us that preparations are ramping up for ROBO-ONE 12 which will be held in Takamatsu in the western half of Japan on September 15-16th. He was also kind enough to include a copy of the promotional poster (see link below), which we think looks absolutely cool.

To promote robotics as a hobby, sport, and vocation, the ROBO-ONE committee has been staging the even numbered competitions in 'away' locations, while keeping the odd numbered competitions in the Tokyo area. The ROBO-ONE 10 event last Fall was held in Nagai - about 4 hours away even using the bullet train, and getting to Takamatsu for ROBO-ONE 12 will take us roughly five hours as well. Although it requires substantial travel time and expense on the part of the organizers, press, and many participants, we're all happy to do it in order to spread the word, and hopefully inspire some budding robot builders/developers to participate.

 ROBO-ONE 12 Poster (pdf file)


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