Own A Piece Of Robot History!

You've seen it on TV, now you have the chance to own it!

Here's a rare chance to buy a really unique piece of robot history. The RoboGames organizers are buying a new combat robot arena, and don't want to see their old arena just sold for scrap, so they have listed it on eBay.

According to the organizers, the arena cost well over $200,000 to build initially, and has hosted fifteen major competitions - Steel Conflict I, CSI: Crime Scene Investigators, Steel Conflict II, Steel Conflict III @ RCX 2003, Steel Conflict IV, ROBOlympics 2004, RC Expo 2004, VMware - VMworld 2004, RoboGames 2005, ComBots Open and 2004 RFL National Championship, ComBots Cup I and 2005 RFL National Championship, Game Designer Conference PS3 Party, RoboGames 2006, Maker Faire / ComBots Cup 2007, and RoboGames 2007.

Of course, you'll need a 50 foot flatbed truck and a forklift or two just to move it. The arena tips the scales at a massive 18 tons, and takes two crews of 8, working two shifts, about a day and a half to assemble. But, if you're really into combat robots, or looking to start a competitive event, this might be the perfect opportunity. 


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