Japan Hitec Cup Robot Competition Scheduled For December


Although Hitec has been actively selling the Robonova-1 here in Japan, as well as their servos for hobby robot use for quite a few years, and has been a ROBO-ONE sponsor, up until now they haven't taken the plunge to actually stage a 'Hitec' robotic competition. All that will change on December 8th of this year when the 1st Hitec Cup robot competition in Japan kicks off.

The Hitec Cup competition follows the same, well established event types successfully proven by other robot competitions here. Many of the regulations, like foot sole size and the ratio to leg length as well as foot overlap restrictions mirror those used by ROBO-ONE, which should make it easier for builders since they won't have to make major design changes.

Entry is open to robots using Hitec controllers and servos, not only Robonova-1's, so custom designs should fair extremely well. The weight limit is 2 kg including batteries (sorry - Rook's Pawn won't make the cut), and the robots have to use a minimum of 10 servos. 

Hitec plans three major events during the day:

  • Robo Speed - a 3m robot dash
  • Robo Mission - a timed obstacle course
  • Robo Battle - 1 on 1 robot wrestling


The obstacle course event should prove to be the most challenging, and exciting.

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