Is A Vending Machine A Robot? (Video)

Is a vending machine a robot or not? We could debate the topic for months if not years, especially within some academic circles, and never reach a satisfactory conclusion.

So, why waste all that time and energy in endless debate? Why not do something much more productive, like watching one of the Vending Machine Red robot videos put together by a bunch of very creative otaku that like to hang out in the Akihabara district of Tokyo.

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2 thoughts on “Is A Vending Machine A Robot? (Video)

  1. Oh, this video has everything! Not only robots, but sailors, bo-peeps, nurse-maids, & black cats! A+

  2. Pfft. This was a kind of dissapointment. The tech exists where Coke can start manufacturing real robotic machines. A simple BS2 wouild suffice with some voice circuitry. Just add Bluetooth ID.

    “Hi, Joe. Yesterday you had a Barq’s Rootbeer. What would you like today?”
    “A Sprite, please.”
    “I’m out of Sprite, but a machine located on the next block has just been stocked!”
    “Thanks, buddy! I’m on my way!”
    “I’ll see you next time!”

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