i-SOBOT Robot Self-Introduction (Video)


There's a lot of buzz around the internet centering on the new i-SOBOT humanoid robot. And, as you might expect, some of the information gets distorted, or is way off base. Rather than have people rely exclusively on second hand information, we decided to take the bull by the horns, and asked i-SOBOT to introduce himself to you and give a little background (see video below.)

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9 thoughts on “i-SOBOT Robot Self-Introduction (Video)

  1. That’s pretty cool! I like the voice recognition.

  2. I have a question!

    Can you get feedback from your servos?

    Thank you i-SOBOT.

    Don’t torque out,

  3. Hi Scotty,

    Thanks for the interesting question.

    You asked:
    >Can you get feedback from your servos?

    Well, I can, but maybe you wanted to know if my operator can get feedback from my servos.

    My designers thought that controlling individual servos might be too difficult for the typical operator, but they did design my remote so that you can independently control things like my arms using the joysticks.

    And, you can save the moves (we call them “actions”) to use in a program.

    > Thank you i-SOBOT.

    Thank you. I’m always happy to help.

    > Don’t torque out,

    Don’t worry. I’ll be careful. The TOMY engineers equipped all my servos with clutches too!

  4. will the i sobot be able to be changed by the buyers such as upgrading the servos to more powerful ones ?

  5. Hi Lewis,

    You asked:
    > will the i-sobot be able to be changed by the buyers such as upgrading the servos to more powerful ones?

    Not for the first model release this October (2007).

    TOMY has disclosed that the next generation i-SOBOT will include an onboard camera and wireless LAN connection so that you can see what it’s seeing, even via your cellphone or networked PC.

    They may have additional plans for new models, upgrades, or options, but aren’t ready to disclose them yet.

  6. Wow. This toy looks so awesome. It’s going to be a great robot companion.

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