Crabfu's KHR-2HV Robot – Progress Report (Video)

A few days ago, we posted about I-Wei's (Crabfu) progress in creating motions for his new Kondo KHR-2HV robot. Today he released a new progress report video (see below) documenting a few of the robots latest moves.

With his animation background, and experience in building steam robots with complex linkages, he's been able to generate some surprisingly realistic motion sequences, and he's doing it using a totally stock robot and only the standard Heart to Heart 3 software that comes with the kit. As soon as he feels comfortable with the robots performance, we're going to see if he will share some of his techniques and insight with the rest of us humanoid robot fans.

The robots new head is based on a airplane cowl that I-Wei picked up at his local hobby shop. He also has plans to create a full set of body shells for the robot after he gets the motions working the way he would like.


One thought on “Crabfu's KHR-2HV Robot – Progress Report (Video)

  1. In addition to the fluid movements that he has created, I like the wider stance of Crabfu’s KHR-2HV. It seems like a minor change, but it looks so much better and more stable than most that I have seen.

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