Cliff Hanging RoboCup Humanoid Soccer Match Comes Down to the Wire (Video)

It isn't often that we have the opportunity of saying, "We told you so", but this time around we definitely predicted the situation right on the money. A little less than two months ago, we published a post titled "RoboCup Robots Really Excel in German Competition" and talked about how fast the skills, abilities, and performance is growing extremely rapidly.

And, we singled out the NimbRo team (Universitat Freiburg) for special attention and praise. We closed that post by saying, "It's going to be very interesting when Team NimbRo comes up against Team Osaka to battle it out during the Atlanta RoboCup in early July."

Sure enough, the RoboCup 2007 Final, Humanoid League, pitted Team Osaka head-to-head with the NimbRo team in what turned out to be a really exciting, and frequently surprising, battle to win and take home the trophy (see video below)..


4 thoughts on “Cliff Hanging RoboCup Humanoid Soccer Match Comes Down to the Wire (Video)

  1. Very nice!

    Looking at the video it seems like the Team Osaka robots were a little too “timid”.

    At one point their robot would back off when the opponent got too close.

    At another point, a Team NimbRo robot kicked the ball away from a Team Osaka robot who took too long to kick.

  2. very cool! the team osaka robots looked pretty fast but i guess not fast enough. it was interesting to watch!

  3. I was there.

    I’d say that Team Osaka’s robots were actually better than NIBRO, but their strategy was off. They held to one bot is goalie, one is forward. NIBRO had both robots as forwards – no goalie. So they were better able to control the field as it was generally 2 to 1 (with Osaka’s one opponent generally shifting from fwd to goalie depending on where the ball was on the field.)

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