Tomy i-SOBOT Robot Site Live!

Tomy has turned on the official i-SOBOT website for their new, low cost, high performance, humanoid robot. The website is pretty minimal at this point - basically a place holder - but it's pretty obvious from the website images that the U.S. i-SOBOT versions will be black while the Japanese versions will be primarily white with some blue parts.

For more i-SOBOT information, photos, and videos, be sure to check out the Robots Dreams i-SOBOT section.


2 thoughts on “Tomy i-SOBOT Robot Site Live!

  1. I want one! Any chance of seeing it in the UK, and if so which version?

  2. Felix,
    I want one too, or more honestly, I want two – one white, one black. The black looks really neat, but the white might be easier to personalize, add a custom paint job or decals, etc.

    As far as UK availability, we’ll have to wait and see what information Tomy releases. Of course a hot product like this will show up on eBay and other online sites as soon as it starts shipping.

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