Starting Them Off Young – Robot Book For 3 Year Olds

Right after RoboGames 2007, we spent some quality time with the family members that live in the San Francisco Bay area, including our 3 year old grand-daughter, Emma. And, we never realized how hard it is to gift shop for a three year old, especially if you want to select something rather unique or with a specific theme.

But, we happened to notice that she's quite interested in learning how to read, and she really likes robots (shared DNA?) Don't tell her yet - we think we've found the perfect gift for a budding pre-school robot builder wannabe:


That's Not My Robot! is one of the "That's Not My ...." series books that introduces pre-schoolers to distinquish between characteristics like bright, dark, smooth, rough, etc. in a really fun way. For example, the robot on the cover can't be my robot because his eyes are too shiny. And like most American stories, it has a happy ending.


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