RoboGames Here We Come!

Well, we made the first 5,000+ miles okay - all the way from our home in Chiba, out to the Narita airport, and then a little over nine hours on the plane to San Francisco.

The weather here is fantastic. Bright, sunny, but not too hot - at least not downtown where we're staying. Right know we're waiting for some of the other team members to arrive, then we'll go over to check out the venue.

Hyatt_hotelAccording to the map, we should actually be able to walk it - a little under three miles one way, or take one of the famous San Francisco Cable Cars almost all the way to Fort Mason. Of course when we take all of our robots and equipment over, we'll probably stretch the budget a bit and make some taxi driver very happy.

We haven't seen the detailed schedule yet. Hopefully they will provide one when we check in. Until we know the exact times for the events we'll just have to play it by ear. Our game plan that in addition to trying to run around and take photos of everything in sight (which I'm sure our team will), most of tonight and tomorrow will be spent getting our robots setup, fine tuned, and the motion files finalized.

We did do a quick damage survey as soon as we got to the hotel, and everything looks like it survived the flight and baggage handlers okay - knock on wood.

More to come soon ....


3 thoughts on “RoboGames Here We Come!

  1. GO TEAM GO !!! Be sure to post pics of the team in the team shirts and hats.

  2. Good luck Lem! I hope to meet your there! I have a static artbot made of soda cans.

  3. I made it! I checked out the venue at Ft. Mason after getting settled in my hotel… Looks like there’s a lot of humanoids this year… not only the ROBO-ONE class, but the soccer teams were calibrating their bots to the playing field all evening. How exciting!

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