RoboGames 2007 – Day Three

Originally uploaded by Tempusmaster.

It's been three wonderful, excitement packed days - four if you include setting up the afternoon before RoboGames opened to the public. We're really glad we came, and have a boatload of new memories to take back to Japan with us, and share with all our robot fans there as well. Of course, the competitions were great - and even sometimes amazing. But the best part was being able to meet, develop, and strengthen friendships with all the great people involved in RoboGames - both as participants, organizers, and fans.

We'll write more about specific happenings and experiences, and posting some great video clips over the next week or so. For now, here are all the photos taken by the Robots Dreams Team today in the RoboGames 2007 Day Three photo gallery. Enjoy!


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